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me.BandWThe blog in its whole is about my journey to discovery, voice, and direction. It is about respecting the gifts of freedom, democracy, human rights, shared differences, and the planet of which we are the temporary curators. It is about us as Canadians sharing the good things and exploring lesser realities for betterment. It is about exploration.

So far, Boys wearing lifejackets laughingI am husband of one, father of four, grandfather to just about two, brother to two, friends with some, good acquaintance of many, community member, citizen, and a proud Canadian. Curiousity is a wonderful thing and I am curious about all kinds of things, and am rarely without a camera.

compassI am educated in Journalism, Multimedia Design and Communications, Business Management, Adult Education and have a complex professional background in business and business technologies, communications, marketing, and technical training specializing in the needs of small and medium sized enterprises. I am open to opportunities and change.


First off I know, three photo travel categories? Several more would be easy because of the types of travelling and travelling purpose, the three chosen are my favorites.

Other Places: IMG_5823.2celebrating the people I experience and the places I visit. I love the personal “superpower” thing and experiencing it in places and times that are not always planned. MUSICIANRarely does a road trip follow logic or a plan unless, the plan is to go see and see what we can see along the way. Fellow travellers probably feel like T’Pau on her first voyage on the Enterprise (NX-01). It is all about the people and the places they live, the things they do and celebrate, and all the differences and all the life we share.

Rod and Camera: or the BLCole art and fishing methodology. Fishing and photography, one just works with the other so well. mefishAs stated, I am very rarely out of reach of a camera. What I have not explained is that I will cast a line in pretty much any puddle where a fish may have been at some point of time. Sometimes I remember to bait the hook, sometimes I don’t even find a place to fish, but I always go walking when I go fishing.

JellyIt just a nature thing for me – the great out of doors – the life, the flow, the sound, smell, feel, taste . . .  A tent in a secluded forest, along a beach, stream,  or wilderness trail, is a little bit of heaven. IMG_0030.2A cabin in similar environments is heaven with comfort and access to a suitable boat, absolute nirvana. eu.fISHERMAN.STURGE copyFrom mountaintop to ocean vista, or under a bridge in one of Canada’s biggest cities, you may find me with my rod and camera.


Ps.2rofessional Me:  That is me right now sitting in paradise trying to figure out my next role. Could be worse for sure. I have some dreams still, and I have common sense. The trick is finding the right balance. My bona fides are linked (or will be soon) if you are curious or have an opportunity to share with me.

BRAT: It is said a military brat will meet more people by the time they are finished high school than most people will meet in their entire life. That has changed to some degree, but I expect, for many it is still true. We have had unique opportunities to collect experiences, diversify our perspectives, and build character. These are my stories.

DavidSuzukiPolitical Me: Politics and social issues are here because it is part of me, it is one of the reasons I studied journalism, and it is important. I think the culture of Quebec was a bit of an influence. I was only in grade 4 or 5 when our teachers had us study the 1972 federal election; it was the first time 18 year olds were allowed to vote. We were to collect articles and political cartoons from the paper, read or ask about events, and design campaign posters. gorbyhead.2Ever since I have tried to witness referendums, elections, leadership conventions, political rallies, state dignitary visits, and every sort of power conference and associated corporate and / or social convention possible. I have some opinions, and the desire to learn and make change.

and this is my blog, so far

Hope you enjoy



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