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compass.headerParent, husband, friend, community member, citizen, and a proud Canadian, I like to explore and talk about these things individually and as integral elements of each other. I guess it is about my journey to discovery, voice, and direction.

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gorbyStetsonPolitical Me: Politics and social issues are here because it is part of me, it is one of the reasons I studied journalism, and it is important. I think the culture of Quebec was a bit of an influence. I was only in grade 4 or 5 when our teachers had us study the election current federal election, collect articles and political cartoons from the paper. Ever since I have tried to witness referendums, elections, leadership conventions, political rallies, state dignitary visits, every sort of power conference and associated corporate and / or social convention possible.

_MG_0261.2.2Pictures and Words: More pictures than words this is about the people I experience, their wonderful “superpowers,” in places and times that are not always planned. Rarely does a road trip follow logic or a plan unless, the plan is to go see and see what we can see along the way. Mr. Spock, may he live long and prosper in the next stage of his journey, would be beside himself. It is all about the fun and people and the places they live, the things they do and celebrate, and all the differences and life shared.

eu.fISHERMAN.STURGE copyRod and Camera: or the BLCole art and fishing methodology. Fishing and photography, one just works with the other so well. As is probably obvious by now I am very rarely out of reach of a camera. What I have not explained is that I will cast a line in pretty much any puddle where a fish may have been at some point of time. Sometimes I remember to bait the hook, sometimes I don’t even find a place to fish, but I always go walking when I go fishing.

It just nature – the great out of bbblenet.900px3doors – the life, the flow, the sound, smell, feel, taste . . .  A tent in a secluded forest, along a beach, stream,  or wilderness trail, is a little bit of heaven. A cabin in similar conditions is heaven with comfort and access to a suitable boat, absolute nirvana. Yup from mountaintop to ocean vista, or under a bridge in one of Canada’s biggest cities, you may find me with my rod and camera.

Professional Me: s.2
That is me right now sitting in paradice trying to figure out my next role. Could be worse for sure. I have some dreams still, and I have common sence. The trick is finding the right ballance. My bona fides are linked (or will be soon) if you are curious or have an opportunity to share with me. I will share my journey (a little) and the things I find that are helpful and the things that are not.

Finally, there is BRAT.
_MG_0038.2BRAT is about growing up as a military brat. It is said a military brat will meet more people by the time they are finished high school than most people will ever meet in their lifetime. That has changed to some degree, but I expect for many it is still true. We have had unique opportunities to collect experiences, diversify our perspectives, and build character. These are my stories.

and this is my blog, so far

hope you enjoy


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